The name Fountain comes from the fountain pen, which inevitably comes to mind when discussing the art of writing. We were also very inspired by calligraphy works, hence the feather used for the backdrop.

Mobile interface
In order to let the writers words stand out, we kept as little color as possible in the UI, keeping almost everything greyscale. We only had a deep blue color accent to be distinguishable from the content, and red for special actions.
Feed & Search

The UI is almost hidden everywhere, only emphasizing content with soft drop shadows.

Reading mode

Reading on an iPad.


You can add a cover and stylize your text. We kept options to a bare minimum so the text would be the only thing standing out.

Typefaces and UI

Again, to tell the difference quickly, the framework uses a sans-serif font, and the articles body and titles are in a serif one. The UI elements only appear for a short while, above the content, then disappearing as soon as you don't need it anymore. You can see the menu in action here.

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