Case Study

Working closely with our creative director and two creative copywriters, we went for a minimalist scenery of random everyday items. By showcasing them in a neutral way, they would appear more prominent than in their usual place, allowing us to emphasize our campaign signature, "keep minor mishaps from becoming major expenses".

Visuals / Prints

Sample of the visuals we designed for the campaign

One of the final versions. This one and the four ones below were displayed in supermarkets, newspapers and online.

TV Spots

In-store activation
We created our outrageously expensive chocolate for real, to surprise germans as they were grocery shopping. The back of the pack could then be used to sign up for the complementary insurance offer.
Eurobest 2016 - Bronze Healthcare
Cristal Festival 2016 - 1x Bronze

Finally, thanks a lot to Robert Aquadro and Tobias Fant for trusting me with this project. It's been a pleasure.

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